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Registration of a company is first step to grow you business, Booboo accounting services INC. are here to help your needs.


Why should i register a company?

  • 1. To be more professional First impressions are important they say. …
  • 2. To protect and secure your business name Registering your business name protects it from being used by other businesses. …
  • 3. To get access to funding …
  • 4. To separate personal and business finances …
  • 5. To participate in tender processes …
  • 6. Lower taxes …
  • 7. Liability protection …
  • 8. Business continuity
  • Incorporation registration in federal and Ontario

Federal or Ontario incorporation package includes articles of incorporation, business number and GST number.


  • Sole proprietorship registration

Sole proprietorship or self-employment package includes articles of Sole proprietorship, business number and GST number.


Generally, when you register for a business number (BN), you also register for the program accounts you require at that time.
If your business expands after you register for a BN, you might need to add other program accounts to your BN.
The six major Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) business accounts are:

  • RT, Goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax
  • RP, Payroll deductions
  • RC, Corporate income tax
  • RM, Import-export
  • RR, Registered charity
  • RZ, Information returns

Our team will be adding CRA program accounts to your business number


  • Add director or shareholder.

A shareholder can be a person, company, or organization that holds stock(s) in a given company.

Why Add/Change Directors

  • Get new talent on the company board As the company grows and expands, it will need to bring new talent to its board of directors to help it meet the additional requirements and challenges. …
  • Prevent dilution of ownership Directors are primarily responsible for the day-to-day management and operations of a company. …
  • The inefficiency of existing directors …
  • Meeting the statutory limit …
when a corporation wants to remove or add a new director or shareholder. needs to be filled with the Ministery of government services and get approved.

  • Dissolution of corporation

dissolution of corporation refers to the closing of a corporate entity which can bea complex process.

Our registration prices

Adding Account

For business

  • Adding account to your business

Sole Proprietorship Registration

Self Employment

  • Article of sole proprietorship
  • Setup GST/HST

Incorporation Registration

Small business

  • Article of Incorporation
  • Setup GST/HST